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My adventure & experience with all things Shopify. I give you my direct experience setting up stores, which apps I use and recommend, adding Google analytics code, FB pixels, setting up advertising, niche selection, product sourcing and more.

Shopify is both a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and the name of its computer software platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Add your products. First, you will want to add products to your store. …
Customize your design. Next, you will want to add a custom design to your online store by choosing a theme. …
Set up your domain name. …
Set up shipping and tax rates. …
Set up payments. …
Settings. …
Open your store to the world.

Working with multiple store owners, what I’ve learned from 90% of them is that they all started small from scratch, with little knowledge about how to build an online store without coding skills, or how to get the first buyers and how to optimize the so-called conversion rates in eCommerce.

yoonla vs four percent group vs mobe

Subject: YOONLA vs Four Percent Group vs MOBE Which is better?

YOONLA vs Four Percent Group vs MOBE Which is better?


Bros and Broesses!!!

That is THE Question this blog post focuses on.

How’s it going? Greeeeeeeat……

How’s your day????? Greeeeeeeat……

What are you doing????? Greeeeeeeat……

What are you promoting????? Greeeeeeeat……

ARE YOU MAKING PROFITS??????? ………………………………..?

Check this out,

Are you promoting YOONLA with Reno Van Boven,
Four Percent Group with Vick Strizheus,
or MOBE with Matt Lloyd?

My experience with all three.

My take on YOONLA,

Reno is a great guy, I admire him,
at first, I was all in on YOONLA.

Loved the idea, the vision, the passion.

Not digging so much the small ticket items…. enough said.
Well, maybe not, because you see, small ticket items can only
produce one thing, small ticket commissions…….

If I’m promoting something, I want to promote big ticket items,
so I can earn big ticket commissions.

Start small, build up.

Plus Reno here’s a tip.

You should NOT be answering support tickets, you’re way better
served to hire that out and focus on growing the business
and acquiring new leads and also up selling to your current list of buyers.

ie; my leads I send you, with my hard earned advertising dollars……

You can check YOONLA out here:YOONLA:

FOUR PERCENT GROUP, again Vick Strizheus is a nice guy, I admire
him, appreciate his enthusiasm, the drive, the ambition, and the vision.
But, he’s flying in all different directions here!

I’ve learned some good
internet skills from him, and will continue to be a Four Percent Pro member.

Plus, I’m not a fan of the “last touch” affiliate agreement. If I send the person
to your company first, and they buy, I want commissions for life on that person.
NO questions asked…..No term limits on that.

You can check out Four Percent Group here:4% Group:

The clear winner when comparing these three
“direct response attraction marketing business systems”…..

is MOBE with Matt Lloyd.

Reno and Vick are modeling their systems off of Matt’s.

The difference, MOBE is already an established business,
most of the serious growing pains have been ironed out.

Matt has a large team of professional business people helping him run
the day to day operations of a 100+ million dollar direct response
marketing company.

Reno and Vick dream of this…..

Put your hard-earned dollars towards promoting a proven winning system.
MOBE is already in place and just waiting for you to “turn the key”.

Speaking of turning the key, check out this MOBE Motors program they have in place!

MOBE Motors, what’s your dream car?
Find out more HERE:

Simply put, YOONLA and Four Percent Groups are still start-up businesses,
and what do more than 70% of start up businesses do?

Exactly, they fail!

QUESTION: If you are starting your own home based business, would you
rather hitch your wagon to a proven winner, or to a newbie that is still “trying”
to figure it out for themselves? Reno & Vick are flying by the seat of their pants.

Matt Lloyd’s MOBE is a proven, high paying, high-quality affiliate marketing
business education program.

You can check out MOBE here:

In my 14 years of marketing online, this is hands down “THE BEST”
company to get involved with.

Do yourself a solid here and check out MOBE.

It’s not only a game changer MOBE is a life changer.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out MOBE and some of their home
based affiliate success stories here:

You can check out MOBE success stories HERE:

Feel free to set up a 15-minute POWER CALL with me to discuss.

Leave a name and number at +1-716-393-9631

ecom entrepreneur pre launch

eCom Entrepreneur Pre Launch: Get In On The Party! Launches 9-11-17

eCom Entrepreneur Pre Launch!

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ecom entrepreneur

Ecom Entrepreneur Review: Is It A Scam? NO! Check It Out Here. PRE LAUNCH Starts September 4th.

Ecom Entrepreneur Review: Is It A Scam?
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How You Can Make
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Ecom Entrepreneur Review: It simply is one of The BEST Business Opportunity’s Available Today!

What if you didn’t have to work full-time, 9 to 5, from the office, under your boss, with a linear income, a chance for a small raise or bonus at the end of the year, never have enough time for family or anything else, anymore?

Instead, what if you worked part-time, a few hours a day, from anywhere, you are your own boss, with a potentially limitless income, ability to raise your income at any time, readily have enough time for family and everything else you enjoy?

And what if achieving this lifestyle was fairly simple?

It sounds outlandish, but that’s exactly what online business entrepreneurs do. And once you have completed this online training, you too will know how to strategically sell your own physical products online not once, not twice…

If you’ve ever looked into or considered starting your own business, you must’ve done a lot of research. And you must have quickly realized how difficult it is to start a business.

The outrageous start-up costs, all the logistics, hiring workers, working practically all day and even night to initially grow the business…

This is all under the assumption that you even have a sure-fire business idea.

“According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.”

The point is, it’s not easy to build a business by any measure.

By making only 20 sales/day with ONE product, you can make more than the average full-time job!

That is the potential of this business.

Ecom Entrepreneur PR-Launch starts September 4th, 2017!

Oberlo vs DropifiedApp

Dropified vs Oberlo: Which Of These Two Shopify Dropshipping Apps Is Better?

Dropified vs Oberlo:

Oberlo or Dropified, which is better?

Dropified vs Oberlo. Which Shopify app is best? That is a great question!

I have personally used both. I started my selling career on Shopify using Oberlo, I used it to import items from AliExpress, my results were great and I highly recommend using Oberlo for that purpose.

That said, Dropified is Oberlo on steroids.

You can import items using Dropified from other sources than just Aliexpress. Here is the latest list of stores you can use the app to import items from:

With the Unlimited upgrade to Dropified, you can import products from:

AliExpress (included in Pro)
AliBaba (included in Pro)
eBay (
Amazon (

Whatever your store niche, you are pretty much guaranteed finding products for it from the list above.

The App can also be set up to automatically track your orders from AliExpress after they are placed and what’s more, automatically fulfill those same orders!

There is fantastic back office training available, with easy to follow video’s which walk you through each and every process.

Product feeds are automatically set up for you to use, these product feeds are essential in your social advertising via Facebook, Twitter, Wanelo etc…

Tracking analytics & Facebook pixels are easily added to Dropified, easy to follow video’s explain the why, where and what for.

Overall, I rank both Oberlo and Dropified as 10 out of 10, if you’d like more control and more automation of your Shopify store Dropified is the clear hands down winner, it’s what I use daily on my Shopify sites.

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>>>>CLICK HERE<<<< if you would like more info on Dropified.

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NO physical products
NO website skills required
NO ShopifyC
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